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Public Art

Burning Man

Temple of Direction


I'm lead artist for the external lighting on the Temple of Direction at Burning Man in 2019.  We have a core team of six amazing folks and a vision for creating something different on and off playa.  Follow our progress on instagram or facebook!  

Burning Man

Art Basel Miami Beach


I designed the electrical systems for the Giant Rainbow Bridge, an art piece by Josh Zubkoff which debut​ed at Burning Man 2018.  This climb-able sculpture is 75ft long, 30ft tall, 4ft wide, with an 100ft arc, and weighs 18,000 lbs.  The lighting system has >25,000 WS2811 LEDs installed onto 56 panels, with the two sides of the bridge being independently controllable.  Each side had pixel resolution of 390x30 that is capable of live visualizing independent multiple audio inputs.  The system uses over 4600ft of cables for power, data, and network.  Overall system max power is >16kW from AC source.  

In addition to implementing architecture, system design and detail design for all the hardware pieces, I also lead the volunteer build teams that did pre-playa and on-playa electronics installation.  We clocked over 700 person/hours of work pre-playa over 28 days and 300 person/hours for the on-site build over 5 days.  

The piece was a great success and beloved by Burning Man participants.  Photos of the bridge has been featured in several best-of articles about Burning Man art.  It became a part of Art Basel Miami Beach in December of 2018 as well.    


San Francisco

I worked with Symmetry Labs in 2017 to bring to Sea of Light installation to the Sea Port District in New York City in an astounding 8 weeks.  This installation contains eleven sculptures totaling more than 236,000 LED's.  

This outdoor interactive installation will be up and running from December 2017 until March 15th 2018.  

The scale of Sea of Light was enormous for the schedule we had.  In addition to my typical roles (program management, EE and system design) for this project, I also worked with electricians to implemented the A/C system design. 

I also did design work for Anticlockwise Arts on their project Pixel Poles, an interactive permanent public art installation in San Francisco at Hellen Diller Playground at Civic Center.  The Installation opened Feb 14th, 2018.

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