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Hardware for Makers



Based on work I did with lighting and sleep mask projects, I designed a Teensy expansion board to work with the OctoWS2811 library for other makers. 

Interconnects and cabling are two of the most overlooked and frustratingly implemented areas in available DIY electronics design.  The LEDoctopus board is architected for prototyping flexibility by making use of terminal block connectors for IO and receptacle connectors for easy Teensy replacement. 

It is well suited for small to medium scale LED projects and requires no soldering for most projects.  The small size also lends it well for fashion and wearable applications. 


The LEDoctopus board is open source and files will be up soon on github.  In the mean time, if you contact me through the website I'm happy to send you any files you need.  It's also my first product available for purchase through Tindie

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